banging my head on the desk.

welcome to hell. check-in time, now. check-out time, never.
name what thats from and i'll give you a high five.
here's my senior schedule. let me know if we have anything together, i'd really enjoy that.
and yes, i do have every single class with the lovely miss angela larsen.
if your wondering, i am doing two internships next year.
one at the timpanogas hospital, and the other at a pediatric doctors office.


court said...

film lit, i hope your on deans good side.

jan hawke, the best & aerobics, the greatest.

chemistry? ya i quit after a good two days.

photo, don't have high expectations.

melia said...

ha, thanks courtney! im a little bit worried about chemistry myself, we'll see how that one goes. probably not good.

caihay said...

k, where did you get your schedule? did it come in the mail?

melia said...

nope i just went on skyward and got it. i dont think they send you your schedule in the mail anymore?