wondering whats next

dear boy,
meeting you was unexpected and completely random. i'll admit, the first night i met you i wasn't exactly sure i liked you. we hung out every single night, and you grew on me, quick. i knew after the first couple of days that you were definitely my type. it was the night we laid on the grass and ate ice cream that i knew i liked you. the first month was hard for me. i had trouble opening up to you, and you had trouble opening up to me. it felt like conversation was forced between us, and we always had to think so hard to come up with something to talk about. i realized that its hard to have a relationship with a boy you are hardly friends with. so i worked hard to build a friendship first before a relationship. now i can say, that i feel completely comfortable around you. we can hold a normal conversation and it feels right. there is no small talk, and we get along so great. ive found that ive actually come to love your quirks that i wasn't so sure about in the first place. i love your shaggy blond hair, and that baseball necklace you wear that smells like mosquito repellent. maybe you do wear a hat every day of your life, but you look super hot in a hat so its alright. maybe you and your friends do make fun of my blog, but its okay i understand that i do talk about you a lot. but i only do it because you make me happy. maybe its creepy to you, but whatever i don't care. you truly are one of the sweetest boys ive ever met. i guess im just trying to say that before i wasn't ever really sure where i wanted this relationship to go. i wasn't sure if we would ever work out, or if i even wanted a boyfriend. but now i know where i want things to go, and i know that we would work out. i just wish you could over come whatever is holding you back from making us official. im tired of waiting. a girl cant wait forever you know. maybe your holding back because hunting season is coming and your afraid we wont make it through. well, i want you to know that im a strong girl, and i can handle it. hunting is your passion, and i totally support you. i wasn't so sure about us in the beginning, but i find myself liking you more and more every day. i understand if you don't want us to be official, but i want you to know i wont wait here forever. we both know that your rough hands fit perfectly in mine, so what are you waiting for? lets git-r-done.

sincerely, the girl who cant wait forever.
im glad we can be silly together

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