get me out of here

another day of summer waisted.
this whole week has been waisted, in fact most of last week was waisted too.
summer is coming to an end, and here i am spending 99% of my nights on the computer, doing nothing.
i miss the beginning of this summer when me and shannon were both single ladies. every day we were together, raising hell. we didn't have any rules we needed to play by, and we didn't have to worry about keeping a relationship going. we were both single and we had a good time. we could flirt with whoever we darn well wanted to. every night we were out doing something, wether it was sitting at the gas station talking, or visiting our friend creature. we didn't make plans, we just did whatever came to mind. that's how summer should be. it shouldn't be waisted sitting at home, like im doing now. but then boys came along, like they do every summer, and things got more difficult. shannon now likes a boy that she is with twenty four seven, and i like a boy who i never see. which means, im the one who's stuck at home on a summer night. im tired of this. im sick of waisting my time getting all nice and ready for the day, and then have plans cancelled.
im almost wishing for school to start, because this summer has sucked.

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Binnna! said...

darlin that is so sad, I feel your pain! I can tell you it gets better (: