goodbye summer 2011

i wish i could press pause. really breathe this summer in, and engrave the memories into my mind. im going to miss this. i didn't go into this summer with high hopes. i doubted that i would have that great of a time because i was lacking in the friend department. but i was so wrong. the second summer came, so did new friends. this summer was full of new people and new memories. now as its ending, im sad to see it go. this summer almost wins for the best summer of my life. i went to arizona with shannon and jayce, went to disneyland, messed with some ghosts, went wheeling with kolt, went camping, the staidum of fire, tim mcgraw concert, celebrated my birthday at five mile pass, learned how to shoot a gun, met mister cowboy and only managed one trip to the emergency room. not to mention i also hung out with shelby a ton, and became way better friends with zach. im going to miss cole on redbulls. im going to miss zach making up stupid dance moves to random songs in the truck. im going to miss the way hunter makes me laugh at everything. im going to miss telling jokes with the boys for hours on end because we have nothing better to do. im going to miss hanging out in lehi, that place feels like a second home to me. im going to miss the mister, and im going to miss cuddling on the tailgate. im going to miss getting drinks from holiday, because holiday has the best drinks. im going to miss watching the summer thunderstorms with kolt. im going to miss watching kid history on youtube and laughing our butts off. i'll also miss quoting it twenty four seven. im going to miss slow dancing around the fire, and having fires in plastic fire pits. im going to miss paranormal activity, and im going to miss watching every firework show in utah county, literally. i'll miss getting ice cream and ill miss my job. im going to miss laying on a blanket, looking at the stars talking about everything. i WONT miss the millions of mosquito bites, and the horrible sunburns. and i sure wont miss working in the blazing heat.

but i think most of all im going to miss the pure bliss of the simple summer lifestyle. the days where i would sit next to the mister in the middle seat of his truck. how the windows were down and we could feel the warm summer breeze on our faces. the way the country music was blasting and we would sing every word. the way that my hair would blow everywhere, and that cute smirk on koltons face. the way his hand fits so perfectly in mine, and the way my head fits right on his shoulder. yeah, i'll miss that the most.

goodbye summer 2011. i loved you more than you will ever know.


Lexi. said...

just wondering. where is this tombstone place?

melia said...

it is truly in the middle of nowhere. 200 miles into the desert from pheonix arizona. its way close to the mexico border.