i call it prison

some days i want to come out from behind my wall waving that white flag. telling everyone that i surrender, i give up and i don't want to try anymore. some days i wake up and wonder if these battles are really worth fighting. its been three days of school, and i hate it. not a single person has came up to me and tried to start a conversation with me. am i really that bad? i guess so. you know what else grinds my gears? when people make fun of the handicapt kids at school. i was walking down the hall when my most favorite friend from the special needs class started walking towards me. the girl next to me grabbed my arm tight and said "oh my gosh, im so scared of him!" i think a vein popped in my neck. i absolutely CAN'T stand when people say stuff like that, and right in front of him too. do you really think they are that stupid? just because they have a disability doesn't mean that they cant understand you. im pretty sure you hurt his feelings. way to go. and your lucky i didn't punch you in your face. the immaturity level at the school never ceases to amaze me. its pathetic. the kids that shove and push people to get through are completely rude. i honestly don't know what happened to manners. and the kids that think they are above the authority? yeah, they are super cool. the ones that have their pants down to their knees and have a bag of weed in their back pocket, yep, they are cool too. oh, or the place at the bottom of the stairs where all the dance team and football players crowd to talk while they block the rest of the hall because they think they have a birth right or something? give me a break. the only two classes that i enjoy are my aerobics class and my internship class with jan hawke. in my internship class we can all act like adults. its such a concept, right? nobody talks while the teacher is talking, because were respectful and mature. there is no stupid jokes, or trash talking or the F bomb blurted aloud. there is absolutely no excuses in that class. no late work, and no procrastinating. we've already had 3 assignments, and none of them were easy. there is a high standard that we have to meet. we are all expected to act like adults, so we do. students in internship class actually have the desire to learn and want to go places in life. people in internship class are motivated and i like that. i can walk into internship class, away from that dumpy place they call the high school, and just feel at peace. ask anyone who is in that class, it is completely different than any other class at the school. its mature, and i like that. i'll never drop out, because im not that dumb. but some days i wish i could surrender.

me and angie go to cabelas to relax after school.
its my happy spot.

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court said...

the kids who think they're above authority, the worst.