i got my lunch and my shoes tied tight.

senior. what does that even mean!? i don't feel like a senior. should i feel different? i don't agree with seniors being treated any differently than sophomores and juniors. everyone glorifies seniors like they are the only people that matter in the school. i don't care if im a senior or not, i just want to graduate. im seriously trying to keep a good attitude about school starting, but its so hard. i hate that blasted place. but really, im trying to change my attitude.

drinking a chocolate slimfast every morning
getting into an actual routine
seeing people i haven't seen in months
getting to leave during every school function to go get daylight doughnuts
early out days
my lightning mcqueen backpack
going to the gym every night because im back in my routine
not being bored every day
waiting for the bell to ring so i can go home for lunch
being with my favorite peer tutor class.
having every single class with miss angela
my two internships at the hospital and doctors office
wearing scrubs to school
seeing my fellow bloggers
my aerobics class that will get me in shape
waking up early
being freezing cold in the morning
getting dirty looks
getting so much crap because i like cowboys and watch nascar
getting dirty looks because i wear boots
sitting through boring lectures and powerpoints
dealing with morons
seeing gross couples make out in the hall
slutty girls (yeah i said that)
stuck up brats & jocks
no kolton, or cowboys for that matter
all my friends graduated last year
more drama than i can handle
no rednecks or sexy trucks
boring teachers. (durfee, cough cough)
mean, catty girls that are obsessed with themselves
watching kids that have no respect for anyone
conceded idiots
the lunchroom that smells toxic
smelling weed down every hall i walk through
everyone at the school that thinks i hate them
gossip. i honestly don't want to hear it this year.

okay, so maybe the bad outweighs the good. but im trying. i could have wrote a lot more cons, but i stopped myself. im trying to make my senior year as best as i can. honestly, being a senior doesn't matter to me. i just want to be graduated and start on my own life. im trying harder to be positive about this year, but ive got a long way to go. i pray that i will have the patience to deal with all the complete idiots and jerks at school. oh mercy, i hope i make it through.

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Lexi. said...

i agree with this 100%