inservice round 4

i know i was in a dumpy mood yesterday, but don't worry i am back to my normal self.
here is why: in less than seven hours i get to bask in the glory of tim mcgraw and luke bryan. and even the band perry. not to mention im also going to texas road house, and to top it all off i'll be with kolton.

second reason why: i love my freaking job to death. yes, its stressful and yes it hot as heck. but there is no better job than mine. this morning, all the lifeguards got together for something called an inservice. at the inservice, our boss usually yells at us and tells us what we need to work on and we discuss work stuff. but no, today we arrived and we were told today was a party day. so we had the traditional end-of-the-season lifeguard relay race. what a freaking blast! my leg of the relay race was to run to the slides and slide down them the fastest. the secret to going down the slides fast? give yourself a major wedgie. it works magic. after we were done with the relay race, all the lifeguards made trains down the slides. 10+ people going down the slide together is so much fun. not to mention, it gets pretty awesome when we make trains going down backwards. that was the best. in the end, our trains fell apart and we ended up just holding onto each others ankles while we were going down backwards. going down the slide backwards is quite the adventure. after we did trains, we played on the biggest slip-n-slide ive ever seen. we put soap all over it and we went to town. after we were all soapy, we got out the wheelchairs and rode the wheelchairs off the diving boards. yes you heard me correctly. it was probably the funniest thing ive ever seen.

lets just say i freaking love my job, and im sad that summer is almost over because i will no longer be life guarding. but hey, the staff party is on tuesday and you can bet its going to be a blast. the lifeguards at the pool are kinda nuts.


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