im gunna live where the green grass grows

tim mcgraw.
so hot.

the concert last night was more than i ever imagined. the word fun doesnt do it enough justice. i had such a good time with all my friends, laughing, taking pictures, dancing and singing at the top of our lungs. the band perry sang first, and no body really knows who they are, except for their song "if i die young." they were pretty alright, but i didnt really care about them. next came luke bryan, wow. he is amazing. he knows how to get a crowd going, and he knows how to shake his butt! he is a true country boy and i love his music. he sang good songs like, we rode in trucks, rain is a good thing, and my new personal favorite, country girl (shake it for me). all of us country girls stood up and shook our butts! it was such a great song. after he was done, there was a little break while they set up all tims stuff. once it got dark, tim came on. thats when the real party started. by then, everyone was drunk, except for us of course. we had this couple sitting right in front of us, they were drunk as a skunk. they were 55ish years old. we found out the guys name was rodney. we became pretty good friends with drunk rodney last night. he gave us dating advice, tips on how to pick up girls, he even taught us how to dance. rodney was almost as good as the concert. we danced with him and his girlfriend and just had a good time. tim blew me away. he is the sexiest thing ever. hes 44 and still got it going on! he sang all of his best songs, old & new. even sang a bunch of slow songs, which me and kolton danced to. his encore was pretty great too. oh, my love for tim mcgraw trippled. it was such a good night, plenty of country dancing and just having a good time. i wish i could put last night on repeat.

the gang. 

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