new pair of undies, please.

ive seen a lot of disturbing things in my life time. ive seen a lot of scary things, and ive definitely seen my share of scary movies. most "scary" movies don't end up scaring me because ive seen it all before. texas chainsaw massacre gave me the creeps, and the collector left me paranoid for weeks. but if there is one scary movie i just cant shake, it has got to be paranormal activity. when the first one came out, i knew i had to see it. i ended up watching about the first half hour by myself and turned it off. then the second one came out in theatres, i went and saw it. i closed my eyes through most of it. it was the first movie that i ever cried or screamed in. so tonight, me and some friends decided to watch the first one. it was the first time i had watched it all the way through, and it scared me to death. while we were watching the movie, my friend zach decided to show me the trailer for the 3rd movie that's coming out in october. lets just say it looks like its going to be the scariest movie of all times. the trailer alone left me crying. i don't know what it is about the paranormal activity movies, but they send chills up and down my spine. maybe its because all my personal experiences with the paranormal, that doesn't make those movies cheesy. i know those movies arnt real, but ghosts are. paranormal activity hits a little too close to home, and that's what makes it so scary.

ah poop, im not sleeping tonight.

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