oh heaven help me

boring as heck. my teachers hair makes me chuckle. the ticking time clock drives me insane. it clicks every minute. so annoying. i can tell she is very organized. i am not organized.

i don't dance. at all. what the $#&* was i thinking.

couldn't really fight my way out of this one. hopefully i get a decent teacher. at least i know i wont have homework in this class.

going to american fork hospital. i already cant wait until im apart of this team. i get an ID badge and everything, i feel really official. i have a packet of about 40 papers i need to fill out before i can even enter the hospital. i even have to get shots, just for the internship. i love the medical field. except for the fact i have to give a thirty minute presentation. kill me.

this has potential to be a decent class. i sit by some cool people and i already like the teacher. she is super relaxed and thats how i like it. good thing i already announced to the whole class that i enjoy nascar. bring on the jokes.

this class WILL be the death of me. i got myself in a little too deep on this one. teacher man said the whole class is based off algebra. good thing i don't know a lick of math. this class is going to be pure hell. i have to do a science fair project, all on my own.

digital photo
i already like the teacher. hes kicked back and makes funny jokes. i like funny teachers. i also sit by a lot of cool people, i can tell im going to make friends in this class.

jan hawke WILL get me into shape. she is the aerobics nazi. good thing i love to work out and i love to sweat. i can already tell this is going to be my most favorite class. bring on the burn! except i dont like how i have a test in this class on friday. what sick joke.

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Lexi. said...

hey. seminary is a good thing...