last night i got the best news of my life. OF MY LIFE! jason aldean is coming to concert. jason aldean just happens to be my all time favorite country singer, ever. i know every single one of his songs by heart. jason aldean is the one that sings the soundtrack to my life.  oh, im in love with him. jason came to concert a few years ago, but i ended up not being able to go due to some complications. i remember josh and angie took pictures while they were at the concert and sent them to me through the whole night. i sat at home and cried because i was so jealous. to this day i have never forgiven my mom for not letting me go to the concert. NOW he is coming, and i can go. there has been rumors for a while that he was coming, but no one new the date and nobody really new for sure. but last night as i was browsing online i looked at jason aldeans homepage and i saw the words SLC UT. i screamed. my heart almost stopped beating. jason aldean is the best country singer there is. tickets go on sale on friday, and you can bet i'll be buying mine the day they go on sale. october 22nd is going to be the greatest day of my life. im already so excited i cant handle it. he is also coming with chris young, who is another one of my favorites. oh i cant even wait. not to mentiom the people im going with are going to make it that much more better. shelby, zach and the lehi boys. what more could i ask for?  JASON ALDEAN HERE I COME!

i have chills im so excited.

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