s'il vous plait mere

i want to go to france.
not just because every girl wants to go there, or because its the city of love. i actually want to go, and study the history and see the architecture for myself. my mom speaks french, and she lived in france during a study abroad program. ive also taken two years of french and know the basics of the language. i want to go to france with my mom, and go to all the museums and take in all its beauty. i don't want to go to see the dang eifel tower. there is a lot more to france than that. i know france is pretty cliche, but i want to go there more than any other place on this earth. i want to eat loads and loads of crepes, and stuff my face full of pastries. maybe even enjoy a nice dinner on the seine river.

first off i would visit my favorite place, versailles. i want to walk through the hundreds of gardens, and see the beautiful fountains. did you know if they turned on all the fountains at the same time, they would use all the water in france? i want to look at all the gold leaf decor, and walk through the hall of mirrors. i want to go to versailles more than anything. id spend weeks here if i could. i want to walk the same halls that marie antoinette roamed so long ago.

after i spend my month at versailles, i would make my way over to the lourve. the most famous museum in the world. i would see the mona lisa, and the most amazing paintings & artifacts in the entire world.

id also visit:
musee d'orsay
eifel tower
napoleons tomb
sorbonne l'universite
plenty of castles
arch de triumph

mont saint michael. wow.  

and last but not least, the town of strasbourg.
such a cute country feel.

mom please take me to france. i know you want to go just as bad as i do.

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