some peoples parents..

dear mother of the crazy baby,
you come to the pool far too often. yes, you have an adorable little girl. just because shes cute doesn't mean she can swim like a champ. she still drinks out of a bottle, and she still uses a stroller. the fact that your baby cant even talk is also another clear sign that your baby is too young to swim by herself. your baby CANNOT swim. yet, you let her free with absolutely no floatie whatsoever. you sit there and lounge and read magazines. your daughter is far too young to be in the water by herself, let alone with no flotation device attached to her. have you ever thought of a life jacket? maybe even the arm floaties? no, apparently the idea hasn't ever crossed your mind  because you still bring your baby to the pool and don't watch her. do you know how many times we've had to save your baby? i think the count is at 4 times now. OBVIOUSLY she shouldn't be alone in the pool without adult supervision. you are a moron.

sincerely, the pissed off lifeguard.

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