some people's stupid comments

that awkward moment when a man asks you if you ride horses, and you shamefully say no. he says "oh well i thought since your were wearing boots you were a cowgirl" then you walk away feeling your self-confidence deflate. you whisper under your breath "i wish."

shoot, that was an awkward five seconds.

lets clarify something here. i don't consider myself a cowgirl in any way, shape or form. even though some days i wish i were. but i do consider myself a hick with a dash of redneck. you don't have to be a cowgirl to wear boots. i think boots are ridiculously cute and comfortable, everyone should wear them. i usually tend to get into the muddy side of things, and boots always just work better than normal shoes. the man's stupid comment today made me mad, acting like only people that rode horses could wear boots. well kiss my bahookie, dude. i'll wear boots if i dang well please, if i ride horses or not.

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