tupperware & walrus

tonight was a much needed night. i have been in a bad mood for the last couple of days if you haven't noticed. but tonight i hung out with some of my favorite people and had a fire in koltons backyard. we were out there for a good three hours. it felt good to finally get out of my house and spend some time with actual people, not a computer screen. it felt great to laugh too and finally be holding koltons hand again. i sure missed him. i also realized (again) that i am the biggest dumb blond around. here's why.

kolt has this fire pit thingy ma-bob in his back yard. a piece of burning wood got knocked out of the metal bowl in the middle and was laying on the outer edge of the fire pit. i said "is that plastic?" concerned that the burning piece of wood would melt the outside of the fire pit. after those words came out of my mouth, i instantly regretted saying it. i realized i was the biggest idiot ever. why on earth would they make a fire pit out of plastic? duh, it would just melt. im just dumb like that though. everyone started laughing at me. im used to being the dumb blond, so i just brushed it off.

well later on that night we were sitting by the fire and something in the fire exploded, which scared the crap out of all of us. whatever exploded ended up making a huge a crack in the firepit. koltons cousin hunter jumped up and yelled "dang it! it must be made of plastic!" (completely making fun of what i had said earlier.) i laughed for a good five minutes. its probably not funny to any of you, but its hilarious to me, and the way hunter said it made it even better. im laughing just thinking about it. hunter has got to be one of the funniest kids ive met. oh boy.

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