well if this isnt random

random thoughts circling through my head:

my mister is a professional procrastinator. his eighteenth birthday is on friday, and he just barely started working on his eagle. and the funny thing is, he's going to finish. he's amazing.

i miss my brother. i got pictures of him today, and oh man, his hair is short.

what the freak is wrong with kids these days? smoking weed is not cool. i hear so many stories about kids at my high school getting caught with weed. its always the person you least expect, and it breaks my heart.

hunting season is creeping upon me slowly. i mind as well kiss kolton goodbye. the hunt opens august 20th. i wont be seeing much of kolt until february. oh man.

i love my daddy.

the ACT is coming soon, and the rest of my life depends on what score i get on the test. i haven't started studying at all, and im getting anxiety. please someone give me the knowledge that i need to pass the math and science sections with decent scores.

i freaking love my job. playing board games during break is the best. eating costa vida at work is the best. pizza runs are the best. my job is a joke, but i love it. and i truly love the people i work with. were just one big pool family.

dear kids, if you cant swim, don't come to the pool.

i miss kolton. what? yeah. ive fallen for that cowboy. i definitely want a hug and a kiss right now.

i love when old best friends text me. i love catching up with them and rekindling those friendships.

happy two years josh, im glad i met you that august night under the stars.

tim mcgraw is in 5 days. kolton is probably going to start crying when i give him the tickets. i honestly cant wait to see the look on his face. i might be looking forward to that moment more than the actual concert.

i went to the gym tonight for the first time in a few months. i ran a couple miles, and it felt great. but now im so sore. i have a love/hate relationship with that place. it felt so good to get back on the track.

my mind thinks too much.

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missijay said...

Oh my goodness girl! I had no idea i followed your blog! You are the cutest!