what a freaking night

summer is coming to a close, obviously. you need to do some fun things to end it off right, wouldn't you agree? so that's just what i did last night. things got a little wild. me, angie and my friend karissa decided we needed to have a sleepover. where do i begin? oh yeah, where all hell broke loose. before angie showed up for the night, me and karissa decided that we wanted to have a fire. karissa lives on a farm so we were wandering the fields trying to find some wood to burn. i was standing there when out of no where i got this stinging/stabbing pain in my knee. i screamed a little bit and cursed myself for not wearing my boots and jeans. i looked down and instantly i saw a large bite on my knee. i was freaked out. i brushed my legs hoping to get whatever it was off my legs. i thought i was in the clear, when a minute later i got another bite on my foot. this time i almost started to cry, it hurt so bad. i screamed and booked it out of the fields. we didn't end up having that fire. after going inside and seeing the enormous bites i had, we kind of started to freak out. we knew they were spider bites. after freaking out for a good hour, angie finally showed up. we went and got ice cream, and then we all squished in karissa's bed and talked all night and laughed our faces off. i didn't get one ounce of sleep. we were up all night. we even had ourselves a mini rave with strobe lights and everything.  finally around ten in the morning, we got our butts out of bed and headed to get food. karissa's younger brother also had friends over that spent the night. there was a whole group of us in the kitchen cooking waffles & german pancakes. we were all in our pajamas, blasting country music and signing at the top of our lungs while we cooked breakfast. it was one of the most blissful mornings ive ever had. i wish i could wake up to that every morning. lets just say it was a great night, except for maybe the spiders. im sad summer is over.

yes, thats what bit me.

we were all looking at different phones
love these girls

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Batash said...

Not to freak you out... but you should probably get that bight checked out. We had a spider similar to that in our house that we killed the other day, but it was a poisonous one.