3 people i miss

i haven't seen you in about a month. i think that's far too long. i got used to seeing you almost every day during the summer, and now i never see you at all! i really hate it. i know your busy with hunting, and work and a bazillion other things, but i miss you! i could really use an ice cream right now and a good chat in the front lawn with niko, sitting on your favorite duck blanket. remember the first day we met each other? i had butterflies the entire drive out to lehi, and those butterflies have never left. that first night, you bought me a large shake, even though i wanted a small. you've always been nice like that. by the way, your accuracy with a gun really blows me away. anyway, i hope you haven't forgotten about me, because i sure haven't forgotten about you. hey, im counting on those haunted houses next month.

honestly some days you really just drive me up the wall. but don't you worry, i cant stay mad at you for too long. i love our chats about the stupidest things. i can mess around with you and you wont take it personally. we fight like brother and sister but that's okay, because you take my crap which you dish back too. i cant wait to go to jason aldean with you. (yeehaw) every time i hear the song "creepin" i think about you crawling around kolton's truck and jumping on the hood. we need to hang out soon.

ya jack wagon! i say your name and i start laughing. i think you may be one of the funniest guys ive ever met. but then again, its not very hard to make me laugh. from the second i met you, i was dying of laughter. "okay, i'll go get my benadryl!" or that stupid idea you had to tie a rope to a stuffed dog and drag it across the street at night. or, the time i about busted a gut laughing over the "plastic fire pit" ordeal. well, i think our time is far over-due to hang out again. lets have another fire in the plastic fire pit soon!

i miss you guys. ):

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