better than homecoming

homecoming? whats homecoming?
i boycotted the football game, and went and did something a little more up my alley. i mean, why go to the homecoming game if i didn't even get asked to homecoming? whatever, i don't really care. but when kolton asks me to go  hunting with him, id much rather go do that then watch a football game. so tonight i went on the bow hunt with kolton and some other friends. we all met up, decked out in our camo. we headed up american fork canyon, to the tibble fork reservoir. we parked the truck and it was pouring rain. pouring may be the understatement of the century, but it gets the point across. we sat in the truck for a while waiting for the storm to pass, but it never did. we decided to have an adventure and go out in the rain. me and kolton got on the fourwheeler, while the other boys stayed in zach's truck we named, "lil wyte". me and kolt took off up the trail, while zach and dj followed behind us in the nice warm truck. we rode for what seemed like hours, but it was probably just an hour. and it was freezing. the rain was pelting down on our faces, and every puddle we drove through, my hiking boots would get soaked. by the time we reached the top of the mountain, me and kolton were drenched. but it was so much fun, he had me laughing the whole time. there is honestly no one else id rather be sitting on a four wheeler with. it was so pretty up in the mountains, deep green trees against a grey cloudy sky. the fog rolled in between the pines and it was absolutely breathtaking. me and kolton kept an eye out for deer, and only saw little does. we started to head back down the mountain when it was dark. we got back down to where the vehicles were parked at tibble fork, and we loaded up the wheeler. i dumped the lake of water out of my boots and climbed in the truck where kolt gave me a nice, warm, dry hoodie. me and kolton shivered the rest of the way home with the heater on full blast.

honestly, going four wheeling in the rain was a billion times better than homecoming.
that's one game i wont regret missing.
id rather be in the mountains with my best friends, than at a football game with people i don't know.

sorry, i wish i could have taken pictures. but bringing a camera in that down pour wasn't exactly practical.

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Binnna! said...

Bahahahah pretty sure I bursted out laughing at:

"bringing a camera in that down pour wasn't exactly practical"

because I was totally thinking dang she should of taken pictures! I rest my case.

Oh and p.s. if I was a boy and went to high school I'd ask you lol!