cesarean section

today at my internship i watched a c-section. that will be an experience ill never forget.
we walked up to the OR, scrubbed up, and walked in. the smell of sterilization came over me.
i saw the mom there laying on the operating table, and her husband right beside her stroking her forehead, trying to calm her the best he could. the blue curtain went up, and the surgery began. i didn't get grossed out, surprisingly. the room wasn't tense, in fact all the nurses and doctors were cracking jokes. if i ever have to have a c-section, i wont be scared. finally they pulled the baby out. what a moment. life is such a miracle. i cant put into words how amazing and spiritual it was to see the birth of a baby. the baby started to cry, and the mom's heart melted. she cried tears of joy and the husband cried too. i had to choke back my tears, it was so emotional. they carried the baby over to get cleaned up and weighed. they wrapped the baby up and brought it over to the mother that was still laying on the operating table. the look on her face was priceless. she couldn't have been more proud. babies are miracles. watching the dad made me think about what type of man i want to marry. it also made me think about my future. i thought a lot while i was in that operating room. i thought a whole lot about what type of dad i want my husband to be. i thought a whole lot about my future children.  

first of all, i want to learn as much as i possibly can before i ever think about having a child. i want the best for my baby, and i want to be able to teach my child. i will graduate from high school and i will graduate college with a bachelors degree. it baffles me how some people think that they can support a baby while they drop out of high school and work in retail. like their lives are actually going anywhere....
second, my  husband WILL get a college education. i want a husband that can provide for my children, one that is financially stable. i do not want to bring any children into this world without an education or a job. i want the very best for my children, and i will marry a man that can help me provide that.

i can honestly say watching that c-section today changed my life.  

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