goodbye, job.

today was a bitter-sweet day. it was my last shift working as a lifeguard. i whined all day saying i didn't want to go to work, id rather just let someone else take my shift. but i hauled my butt to work, and im sure glad i did. i love that place. it was the best first job i could ever ask for. that place is truly my second home. i feel more at home in the guardroom than i do in my own bedroom. that place is full of laughs, jokes, friends and smiles. not once was i ever put down, or made fun of. im going to miss my pool family so much. and we really are just that, a pool family. we have each others backs, and i trust every single one of those lifeguards with my life. we save lives together, and that really brings us together as a pool family. im going miss that pool so much. i cant even begin to describe how much fun it was working there. i honestly couldn't think of a better job. tonight as i was pulling the covers for the last time, i looked around the dark, empty pool and felt so happy. i looked out across the water and saw all my lifeguards pulling covers together as a team. life guarding is not about one person, lifeguards work as a team, always. i walked out of the guardroom for the last time and saw the sign that said "mckay, did you clock in/out? double check!!" and i laughed. i saw the old wheelchair, and i laughed again. i let the pool doors close behind me, and i was honestly sad. im going to miss you, pleasant grove pool. oh to top it all off, today while i was guarding, my bosses verdon & joe got on stand and guarded with all of us. it was the best thing of my life.

my favorite memories of work.  

"its slide day, slide day, gotta go down on slide day"
lifeguard survivor
laughing with mckay & chris over everything
the worlds biggest slip-n-slide
trains down the slide
pizza & wendys runs
riding the wheelchair off the diving boards
seeing the umbrella collapse on mckays face.
cooper thomas, need i say more?
team cheers
chaco tan line competitions
playing board games during break
staff pool party
seeing cacey farnsworth at the pool
saving two lives
the best head guards ever, sidney & dustin.
scooter-ing around the pool.
singing country music in the break room
ocean potion
riding the wheelchair into the deep end. (yes ive rode in a wheelchair underwater)


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