im always up for a challenge

here's the deal(eo)
i was at the gym tonight like every other normal night, except something definitely wasn't normal. oh i know what it was, i was the only one there. i know it was a holiday and all, but its labor day people, not christmas. i have never once in all my nights of going to the gym, been the only person there. usually its packed with exercise-o-holics! i walked up the stairs and heard no weights crashing to the floor, heard no music blaring, heard no feet pounding on the treadmills and no basketballs bouncing. what the heck? i must say, its quite enjoyable having an entire gym to yourself. i ran around the track in my own little world, listening to my music and even singing a long. no one was watching me, i didn't have a care in the world. so that got me to thinking... why arn't there bazillions of people out there enjoying exercise like i do? i wish every person out there got the same amount of pleasure from running that i do. i was sad the gym was empty, its usually such a lively place. i felt like everyone should have been at the gym tonight working out. which also got me to thinking... ive gone go the gym every night for the last year and a half and haven't lost any weight. you know why? because i eat like a pig. yeah, i have legs as strong as thor's hammer but nothing else is toned. so here's the deal, im going to loose five pounds by christmas. five pounds doesn't seem like a big deal, but im not even big to begin with, so i think its realistic. plus, its during the holiday season and that's when all the good food is around. its going to be a challenge for me, but im going to do it. im going to give up all my mountain dew, del taco and costa vida. (for the most part) and try really hard to eat fruit and vegetables. so bloggers, you are all welcome to join me on this challenge. five pounds by christmas. come join me at the rec center at 7:30 each night. (yes angie, i mean you)
i'll see you all tomorrow.  

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