it was labor day weekend, i was seventeen

i bring tidings of good joy.
these beauts came in the mail.
all six of them.
yes, they sure are my jason aldean tickets.

in other news:
angie fell down the stairs today, it was classic. i haven't laughed that good for a while.

also, when people talk about labor day, all i can think about is the tim mcgraw song "something like that"
maybe you should listen to it and then you would know what i was talking about.

i went to aerobics today. i might have cried. i have never been so incredibly sore in my life. so what do me and angie do? we go to wingers to make ourselves feel better. we are a mess.

i spent a good hour talking to my long lost best friend spencer today. we went up to grove creek park and had a nice chat about everything under the stars. i missed that kid.

i got a flu shot today. ive had enough shots in the last couple months to last me a life time. this shot probably hurt the worst though. i've never had a flu shot before, but i had to get one for my internship.

speaking of internships, i get to go to AF hospital starting tomorrow. its going to be the best. i get to wear scrubs and all. this internship thing makes me all excited.

i like these girls

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