me and my gang

i'll be perfectly honest here, i really don't like rascal flatts. i know i like country and all but there is a few bands i just don't like. rascal flatts being one of them. but i do however, obsess over justin moore. he one of the opening acts for rascal flatts, along with sara evans, who i also don't like. originally the plan was to buy tickets just to see justin moore, and then leave once rascal flats came on stage. but ya know, that's just a flat out waste of money. so anyway, to all you people out there going to see rascal flats tomorrow, make sure you belt at the top of your lungs all of justin moore's songs. also, blow him a huge kiss for me. i seriously love justin moore and i seriously think that justin should be head-lining not rascal flatts, but whatever. tear up the concert for me.

OH IM SO JEALOUS OF YOU PEOPLE GOING. to bask in the glory of justin moore... now thats somethin.

think of me when he sings "how i got to be this way" and "bed of my chevy"

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