some peoples children....

chemistry will be the death of me. miss angie and i spend almost every afternoon attempting to work on our chemistry homework. were already confused, and this isn't even the hard stuff. they weren't joking when they said it was tough. me and angie sit there, whine, complain and cry about how hard it is. sometimes we call up my best friend shaun to do the chemistry problems for us, because hes a lot smarter than us. while we wait for the answers from shaun, we eat fruit snacks and chocolate, hoping that the problems with somehow magically solve themselves. me and angie tend to get pretty hyper while doing our chemistry homework, and it always turns out in a mess. chemistry can die.
"Assuming a half-life of 1599 y, how many years will be needed for the decay of 15/16 of a given amount of radium-226?"

i dont know, im not albert einstein.

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