a slice of my day

im in love.
with my internship.
today was my first day at the hospital. im working in the respiratory department. i basically get to go throughout every department in the hospital, except for labor. but that's alright. i was doing rounds with a respiratory therapist and we got to go into the nursery to check up on all the tiny pre-mature babies that were using oxygen. what cuties! everyone spoke with a whisper, careful not to wake the tired babies. i could see little things squirming underneath the piles of blankets. when i stepped closer to get a look, i saw the most precious little face staring right up at me. the cutest little eyes i ever did see. so innocent, and so adorable. after we did rounds in the NICU, we headed to where the babies go right after they are born to be cleaned up. wow! what an experience. i walked in the room, and a long came this little baby, not even ten minutes old yet. the little babe was struggling for it's life, and i watched as the nurses & therapists helped fight its battle. isn't that something? here i am, complaining over nothing and this little baby is trying it's hardest to take another breath. it makes me feel like my problems are so little compared to how hard the baby is fighting. of course the daddy was right there the entire time, so concerned and thoughtful of his new born. i could tell dad was tired, more like exhausted. but he never once took his eyes of his child. that's what i call love. those babies are so adorable. IM IN LOVE!

oh, and to the douche that paint-balled my garage, you are a real champion. i hope you feel super great that my mom is out there scrubbing it off right now. two thumbs up for you!
and people wonder why i only hang out with older people....

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