tip #432789

don't ever tell a girl, "don't worry about it."
that's ALL she is going to do.

i'm chapped & frustrated.
i feel like its always one step forward and two steps back.
i always expect so much from people, and when they don't meet up to my expectations i get frustrated. i guess that's my fault. but really, some of it isnt so much to ask for. why do i have the worst luck, with everything? please, college come faster. i know ive said it before and im sure ill say it again. im done with this place, done with the people and ready for a fresh start. im ready to move out and move on from my past. when i move to college, i can be whoever i want to be. i can break out of my shell, meet new people and move on from this dumpy high school career ive had. i know its my fault that my life like this, but its too late to correct them now. i just wish i could skip over this and start over. i just cant stand people here anymore. and no, its not the people that i don't know that bug me. its my 'friends' that bug me. they treat friendship like its a "whenever they feel like it" kind of thing. when i think of friends, i think of forever. not just "part-time." im really just chapped right now, i don't even know why. ive made so many mistakes in my past i just wish i would have listened to my parents the first time. i was so dumb when i was younger. i need a break.

blahblahblah. im done.

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