what i call a good weekend.

last night, since people were really chapping me, i hung out with angie to get my mind off things. first off, shes always so great to talk to. i feel comfortable telling her anything, and she always listens. it was nice to get the anger off my chest. anyway, we went and got our favorite red mango. it was so good. after red mango, we met up with our friend spencer and talked. this really good song came on, so i got out of the car and started dancing. turns out that me, angie and spencer ended up having a full on dance party up at grove creek park. dancing on the hood of my car, and in the bed of spencer's truck. it was fun, until the cops came.
later in the night, me and angie met up with some of our others friends, chris and nic. we talked with them for a while and went for a nice cruise in chris' new car. later we ended up going to walmart, for the 2nd time that night. i finally got home around one in the morning.

today, i woke up at the butt crack of dawn and put my running shoes on. my family went to a diabetes walk because my cousin brooke who is seven, has had diabetes for the last 4 years. all my family from st george was up here, and we all had a good time walking 3 miles together. it was quite the fun morning. a cute boy approached me who i didn't recognize. he said "nice to see you again." i stood there trying to figure out what to say, it was quite awkward. i didn't know who he was. he shook my hand and he said, "your from pleasant grove right? you came hottubbing at my house that one night." OH! the light switch in my brain came on. that was like 4 years ago, in st george. this guy has a very good memory! i cant believe he remembered me from that night, i sure as heck didn't remember him! me and courtney (yes his name is courtney) ended up talking through the whole diabetes walk. he was giving me advice on what college to choose. he is a nice guy, and very cute! tonight, i am going to a family bbq, and turns out that cute boy is going to be there tonight too. im looking forward to it.

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