what i learned from this day.

Osama Bin Laden your a coward that counts on others,
but here in America, we stand by our brothers.
What you tried to kill, doesn't live in our walls;
its not in buildings or shopping malls,
because pride and courage cant be destroyed;
... even if the towers leave a deep void.
But now our energy will focus on you;
and you will feel the wrath of the
Red, White and Blue.

has it already been ten years? i remember this day like it was yesterday. when people see or hear the date 9/11 i assume their hearts sink. i know mine does. it seems like a grey cloud covers america on this day. before 2nd grade, this day had no meaning to me. but now when this day comes along, i cant help but feel a little gloomy. sorrow fills my heart for everyone that lost a loved one, or lost their life for that matter. but after i think about it for a while, this day makes me freaking proud to be an american. yes, a lot of people died, which is horrible. but the fact that so many americans stepped up to the plate and gave their lives to save others, that makes me proud. the amazing out-pouring of love moves me. the firefighters and police officers and EMTs  that risked their lives to save others. 9/11 may be a day that a cloud hangs over the united states, but its also a day that americans become united. that's what 9/11 did to us. it united americans as a whole, and im thankful to be apart of that. 9/11 brings out the compassionate, loving, courageous, caring souls of america, and i love that.

it was about seven in the morning and i was getting ready for school. we didn't have carpet or anything in our house, because that day we were planning on getting new hardwood floor installed. i remember all the furniture in our house was moved, making way for the new wood. i was pouring myself a bowl of cereal, when i heard my dad tell my mom to come see what was happening on tv. i grabbed my cereal and went and plopped myself on a camping chair in the living room, because all the other furniture was gone. i remember the exact picture i saw. the first image i saw of the twin towers will never leave my mind. i didn't understand at all what had happened, but i did understand that my parents had a look of fear on their face. on my way to school, we listened to the news on the radio. i went to school and i remember we had a moment of silence. i remember kids in my 2nd grade class were crying. we were scared, we didn't know what was going on. when i got home my mom explained to me what was happening. i didn't understand the whole terrorism thing. but my mom started to cry, and it made me cry. she explained to me that millions of people's life's would forever be changed because of this. she explained to me that so many peoples life's were taken. she explained to me all the aching and heart ache that would come out of this.
 just think about this.
all of those people that were trapped in the towers, that literally came face to face with hell. knowing that they were going to die that morning. the pure fear running through their veins, knowing that their life was over. knowing that they had no chance left, knowing that there was no escape. think about what went on inside those towers. people probably hugged each other and cried. people probably screamed in desperation and clinged to the little hope they had left. they told each other how much they loved each other, and they called their families and poured out their hearts and their love. at that fateful moment, their life flashed before their eyes. im positive the only thing they were thinking about were their families. they didn't think about that stupid girl they hated in high school, or the person that broke their heart in junior high. they weren't thinking about the phone bill that needed to be paid, or their jerk of a boss. and im sure they didn't even care that they were having a bad hair day. at that moment they didn't care about the little things, they didn't care about their problems. all they thought about was their families & loved ones. so let me ask you this,

when your life flashes before your eyes, are you going to have something to watch?

don't sweat the little stuff, because when it all comes down to it, its about family. don't worry so much, because when your life flashes before your eyes, that stuff wont matter. family matters.

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