feed call

yesterday, i hung out with kolton and zach. kolton has this passion, scratch that, obsession with hunting ducks and geese. i think its good for people to have something they love so much. i completely support him with all of it. if it makes him happy, then ill back him up. anyway, yesterday he entered this duck calling competition at cabelas. it was his very first competition and he was super nervous. kolt was one of the youngest guys there. overall, kolton ended up taking 5th place. which i think is amazing. it was his very first competition, and the guys he was up against were good. im proud of him. i know he was scared to death and so nervous, but he got up there anyways and did it. he's so good at duck calling. i dont think i could ever get sick of listening to him do it. he blows my mind.

i like that boy.
p.s. i love my bishop. i had to go to a meeting this morning, and about 8 other people were there. he gave them all a handshake, and when it was my turn, he pulled me in and gave me a giant hug. he said "sorry, melia is the only one that gets a hug. shes like my second daughter" it made me feel pretty great (:

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