people these days.

ive kind of had it with peoples crap. i was at a really good place in my life for a while, until i realized there are a lot of people i call friends that are making me unhappy. im kind of bitter with people right now. ive got one true friend, and that's angela. shes been there for be without a doubt for the last six years. i honestly don't really need any one else's opinion but hers.
if you want to talk crap behind my back, knock yourself out. we wont be friends anymore.
go ahead and twist my words, you can kiss our friendship goodbye.
why dont you blow me off one more time, i swear you wont hear from me again. 
i will not stand for crappy friends anymore. when i say im friends with someone, i truly mean it. friendship to me is not just for the moment. when im friends with someone, i mean for the long run. i count on my friends, and if you cant be there for me, well than kiss it goodbye. im so sick of setting expectations for my "friends" because none of them ever reach that expectation. the value of friendship these days is so worthless. everyone takes it so lightly. im sick of people.


christmas fever

im definitely in the mood for some christmas music. im already counting down for christmas. 55 days bloggers, get ready. i go to california for christmas quite a lot, and let me tell you, i wouldnt trade it for the entire world. i spend christmas eve on the beach watching the sunset. OH im so excited to head down to california for two weeks and spend time with my family. even though there is no snow in california, i could honestly care less. nothing beats christmas eve on the beach, im sorry. anyway, ive already started to listen to christmas music. i don't know why. usually im never excited for christmas, but the christmas bug has hit me this year and im so pumped. im excited for the snow, and seeing all the lights. the hot chocolate and doughnut runs with angie and sledding. don't even get me started on the country christmas albums. oh its going to be good. michael buble just put out a new christmas CD, and its amazing. listen to it sometime.

his voice is unbelievable.

5th fire this month.

i can never ever get enough of the canyon, as you all should know by now. i wish i could spend my entire life in the mountains. its the best place in the world. i realized that this is the 5th fire ive had in the month of october. fall is the best time to be around a camp fire!  
tonight me and my friend skylar went up the canyon to have a fire. we talked all night about sasquatch and made jokes around the huge fire that skylar built! he brought a blow torch with him to light the fire, it was pretty funny. ive never seen a fire started with a blow torch, but hey, there is a first time for everything. we were up there for a few hours and i was creeped out because he talked about paranormal activity 3 while we were up there! that movie is seriously freaky. anyway, beside the fact that i was scared, i had a really good time.
after we went to skylars house and played with his kittens. OH MY GOSH! cutest things ever. i was so close to taking one home. i might go back later and get one. there were so many of them! kittens have got to be the most adorable things in the world. i almost died from all the cuteness.


toby the ghost

anyone remember this boy?
well, the last time i ever hung out with him was homecoming of last year. so that was over a year ago.
tonight he asked me on a date! i was thrilled!
we went and saw paranormal activity 3.
i was kind of nervous because i hadn't seen him in over a year and i was afraid things were going to be awkward. but things weren't awkward at all! we got along just fine and there was never that awkward silence. we just chatted the whole time!

well the movie, on the other hand, was terrifying. i do not do well with ghosts. they are far too real to me. so scary! except for mitch was jumping higher than i was and im pretty sure watching him jump was better than the entire movie.
oh, and there was this couple sitting a few seats away from us that were totally plastered drunk. they were pretty stupid and brought their alcohol with them into the theater. i really have no idea what they were thinking but it was actually pretty hilarious, i wont lie.
anyway, that movie was super freaky but i  loved it!
over-all a good night. yay for fixing old friendships.

pet peeve #4328873

 people that call these cowgirl  boots:

i will laugh. i promise.
first of all, if they zip up the side. they arnt real.
second of all, if they slouch like that, they arnt real.
third of all, if its fake leather, they arnt real.

i cant stand it.

yes, i realize that wearing boots doesn't make a person country or not. but please, if your gunna call them cowgirl boots, make sure they are real. and im not saying just because someone wears those boots, makes them any less country than me. but if your going to wear boots, use the correct term. there is a difference between cowgirl boots and boots.

gosh i have a lot of pet peeves. ask angie.

sorry im on one today. people are really irritating me! thats for another post.


red solo cup

you know what really sucks?
when you text someone, and they reply with a "who is this?"

want to know who that person was?
it was kolton.

cya respiratory therapy!

im going to cry. maybe. today was my last day in the respiratory department at the hospital. (tears) next week i start going to the med/surg floor at the hospital which is really nothing that special. ive been in there before and it reminds me of a long term care facility. im going to miss all my respiratory therapists and EKG tecs. galen and tami and kathy and joe and alex and ryan and cliff and sharon and oh im going to cry. the thing i loved about the respiratory department is that i got to go to ALL floors and departments in the hospital. i got to see absolutely everything from a deliveries to emergencys! it was so much fun. but when im in med/surg i'll have to stay on the same floor the whole time. oh im going to miss it so much! i had so much fun there and so many good memories. i learned so much and grew a ton in the medical field! i'll never forget that c-section or the code blue. i'll never forget the time that the little boy stopped breathing in the emergency room! i actually want to go to school to become a respiratory therapist now. i cant thank the therapists enough. they have taught me so much. im especially going to miss galen. he is my favorite person in the entire hospital. he taught me so much on a one to one basis. i look up to him more than he will ever know! i'll always remember him. im also going to miss those cute little babies in the nursery! please, do an internship if you get the chance. it will change your perspective on everything!

i love those little babies! im going to miss this so much!
and i'll miss going into the pediatric floor. shoot, i don't want to go to med/surg!


the seven.

as mentioned in my previous post, i have kissed seven boys. i like kissing and i like boys so i guess i'll share the stories with you. if there are any younger girls reading this blog, don't follow my example. i usually let the hormones get the best of me. its a problem. anyway, none of these kisses are really romantic or cute. this might be awkward or funny, which ever way you take it. here we go!

ive talked about this boy before. he was my first kiss. we dated for ten months, blah blah blah. he first tried to kiss me on the cheek, and missed. he landed the kiss on my ear. how you miss a cheek? i do not know. one day we were just awkwardly laying on the couch. our lips just kinda touched. it was really stupid. i was so stupid. moving on. FAR ON.

we met through mutual friends. we went on a blind date, and he thought my friend was his date. super embarrassing when it turned out i was his date instead of the hot blond. we hung out a lot. and to be completely honest, i cant even remember when or where our first kiss was. apparently it wasn't that great. now hes a meth addict and in jail. i choose the real charmers eh?

i was quite the rebel child. me and christian kissed on the side of my house by the fence one night. to be honest, i wouldn't recognize him if i ever saw him. i don't know his last name or where he lives. we kissed over 5 years ago, and i don't remember his face. probably the worst kissing story ever. i cant get over it.

i was eating dinner when someone knocked at the door. i saw shannon standing there with 3 boys i didn't recognize. shannon said "meet our neighbors. they just moved in" turned out 4 boys had just moved in straight from california. i fell in love with the hottest one of all, brent. he was 18. no big deal, i always go for the older guys. i was a rebel. one time, we were watching a movie and me and brent were cuddling. i couldn't tell you what movie it was, because i was so concerned with holding his hand. brent looked at me, and i looked at him and we kissed. end of story. we never dated. and now brent is engaged and living with his girlfriend. hoorah.

oh my gag. johnny had this fat crush on me, and i never liked him back. one time we were all hanging out and i was sitting next to johnny in the back of his car. he was smothering me, and i was getting really grossed out. i kid you not, johnny grabbed my dang face and kissed me. i pulled away super quick, because i was not into him at all. to this day he wont talk to me. i don't mind.

mine and josh's kiss might be the cutest out of all. i don't know though, these kisses are all pretty pathetic. me and josh hit it off instantly, and after the second we met, we were never apart again. we were going on a drive one night, listening to music. we went and parked the truck so we could just spend some time together. i was in the middle of saying something, and when i was done talking, josh didn't reply. so i looked up, and he was just staring at me. i stared at him too. then he leaned in, and i started to lean in too and we kissed! me and josh broke up a year and a half ago and were still best friends. we don't have any hard feelings towards each other and we talk all the time. since day one ive called him big country, and he calls me LC, for little country. we get each other, and we've got each other's backs.

maybe you haven't heard, but i still have the fattest crush on this boy! he was my summer fling and he still makes me so happy (: the very first night we met, i sat on his lap and he played with my hair. we even held hands. it took us about one week until the topic of kissing came up. one night, while he was walking me to my door, he grabbed my hand. we got to my front door and kind of looked at each other and he had that adorable half smile on his face. i said "i think i want to kiss you now" and so we kissed. it was super cute. and ive still never gotten over those butterflies he gave me! i miss that kid.

so i guess i lied. kisses 1-5 were pretty awkward. six and seven were cute. so there ya go, i spilled all my kissing stories. i'll be sure to tell you if any more come up.


25 things

1. spiders or snakes do not scare me.
2. i love sour gummy worms and peach-os
3. i chew on anything plastic, well just anything for that matter.
4. i collect rings & fortunes from cookies
5. ive never died my hair or gone tanning in a tanning bed. i'd rather not pay for my cancer.
6. my nick name when i was little was bossy baby. im still bossy.
7. i find public swimming pools truly disgusting.
8. i refuse to eat cold pizza
9. ive never failed a class nor gone to detention, etc.
10. im always cold.
11. i don't text very much, maybe 20 or so texts a day.
12. im super opinionated and don't hold back
13. i love the beach. i own my own surf, skim and boogie board.
14. i love having campfires and roasting marshmellows.
15. i want to own a 2008 dodge cummins...
16. boots> any other shoe
17. my favorite smell is diesel fuel & black ice air fresheners
18. i was once a cheerleader
19. running is my passion
20. i could live off mashed potatoes, steak & wendy's dollar menu
21. im very sarcastic. all the time.
22. i think with my heart not my mind
23. i love the show jersey shore. gym, tan, laundry.
24. i fell on the treadmill once, funny story actually.
25. ive kissed seven boys. oh shoot, now you want to know.

this is a beautiful thing.


life is good.

"Her eyes don’t light up when she hears your name anymore. She doesn’t get chills when you walk by her and her heart doesn’t race when you smile at her. You don’t get to her like you used to. You’re just a bad memory in the back of her mind. So don’t be surprised next time you make your way past her and she doesn’t even glance your way. And don’t bother talking to her, because you won’t get a response. She’s over fighting the same battle. The saddest part is that you have no one to blame but yourself. She gave you every chance you could’ve asked for. And you screwed up every single time. Now she walks around with nothing but a smile on her face, and she laughs louder than ever before. Looks like she is better off without you."

oh, i freaking love my life right now. you have no idea.
i have this crazy bone in my body right now, i don't know where it came from.
but im itching to go do something really fun and adventurous. any takers?

pictures galore

jason aldean has a really nice bum.

just some people there

singing to me


oh good gracious hes attractive


when i saw jason aldean

all i gotta say is if you ain't been to a country concert, then you ain't been to a concert.
jason aldean rocked my world last night. and yes, i did cry when he came on stage.
i love that man. i belted every single word like there was no tomorrow. me, zach and shelby partied all night long and i had one heck of a time. i don't think any other concerts will ever compare. oh, and there were SO  many hot cowboys there last night, i was in heaven. i think its safe to say that this was the best fall break ive ever had. i can not put into words how great last night was. MIND. BLOWN.

part two coming soon...


ive waited for this day for a long long time.

its concert night folks.
ive seen plenty of country artists live.
gary allan, randy houser, jerrod neimann, tim mcgraw, luke bryan, brad paisley, the band perry.....

tonight will surpass all of that combined. oh shoot im getting all anxious.

jason aldean.
chris young.
thompson square.

holy crap.


you'll never hear the end of this.

happy 20th birthday to my big brother palmer. he was named after my mom's maiden name. cool huh. anyway, hes out there in bolivia teaching lots of people good stuff. i hope he is having a wonderful day even though he is miles and miles from home. i cant wait to see him in a year and two months.

its five in the afternoon and i just barely got ready for the day. my bum is sore from riding four wheelers yesterday. i should be studying for the ACT, but this sounded more fun. josh texted me this afternoon, we always have good chats. tonight i am carving pumpkins with angie. im trying to remember every single detail from this day. you know why? because tomorrow my life is going to change forever.

haha, im totally kidding that was cheesy. but TOMORROW, as you all know, is the jason aldean concert. to say that i am excited would be the understatement of the century. words can not describe what i am feeling right now. me and my momma went on a drive through the canyon today, and a jason aldean song came on. i screamed, literally. ask my mom, it truly did happen. ive been counting down for this concert since day 64. and ive been planning on this concert for over a year now. not only is jason aldean coming, so is chris young. both of my favorites. i honestly cant contain my excitement any longer. i have no idea how im going to make it through the ACT tomorow. i probably will cry when he comes on stage, not joking one bit. ive been to plenty of concerts, but this one is going to blow them all out of the water. i dont think i am mentally prepared for what is about to come. my momma is the sweetest. want to know why? this morning she woke me up and suprised me with all this new jewlery. she said "i thought this would go well with your boots and outfit for the concert tomorrow." shes pretty sweet. i dont think ill be getting much sleep tonight because im so STOKED!

oh, and p.s. im sorry this concert is all that ive been talking about lately. im just the only thing on my mind. i'll shut up about it soon.


today is a day to add to the books! one of the best days ive had in a long time. it was a perfectly sunny and warm day with not a single cloud in sight! me, sage and angie went up the canyon, yet again, because i cant get enough of that place. we rode four wheelers ALL day and had a campfire at night. honestly, it was one of the best days ever. hands down my favorite place to be is in the mountains. the fall leaves were so pretty today and the weather was perfect! oh my, i had a smile plastered to my face the whole entire day. such a freaking perfect day. i don't think i can get over it.


this thing called fall break

7:00 - cornbellies
8:00 - lost as can be in corn
9:30 - return home
9:31 - angie picks me up, go to sage's house
9:40 - go get fuel in truck
9:51 - waste gas and drive around
10:24 - wal-mart in AF for pee break
10:25 - run into matt and karissa
10:26 - run into tanner
10:30 - melia is hungry, go to wendy's
10:35 - drive around some more. end up in lehi & highland
11:45 - angie is hungry, go to walmart in PG
midnight - leave with nothing
12:07 - cops are everywhere. avoid those.
12:30 - watch a video on angies phone. die laughing.
12:35 - grand idea to climb into the underground tunnels
12:42 - too scary, we decide against the tunnels.
12:44 - rock out to she's country as loud as it will go
1:17 - home.

10:00 - 3 missed calls, 4 new messages
10:20 - drive to angie's house, pick her up
10:33 - all you can eat french toast at kneaders
11:38 - typing this very sentence

me and my friends are so dumb. we waste so much time, yet we have the best time doing it. today we are going up the canyon and we are going to ride four wheelers and have the best time. oh, i love fall.



this blog is in need of a new name. i am not the same person from when i made this blog... and plus i don't even watch that much nascar anymore.

but that's really beside the point. i really only posted today so i could share this lovely song and to update my jason aldean count down. three days people. three days.


five for five

my concert is in five days. and my original plan was to post my top five favorite songs by jason aldean today. because its five days away.... good idea right? no. horrible idea. there is no way i could choose my five favorite songs because lets be honest, all his songs are my favorite. so i took all fifty of his songs, and i narrowed it down to my top 9 favorites. its close enough to five....

Amarillo Sky
Tattoos On This Town
Texas Was You
If She Could See Me Now
Don't Give Up On Me
On My Highway
Keep The Girl
She's Country

hopefully jason sings all these songs to me on saturday night. im sure he will, because hes just awesome like that. oh, i cant wait.



i got this e-mail...

and i almost screamed. ticketmaster sent me an e-mail reminding me that i have an event coming up. like id actually forget about it.... but when i read it, i felt like a kid on christmas morning. "hi melia, just a reminder that your event is coming up!" oh thanks for reminding me. NEXT SATURDAY ill be at jason aldean. reality slapped me in the face. ive been waiting for this concert for over a year now. my excitement levels are through the roof. i honestly dont think ive ever been this excited for something in my entire lifetime. i might pass out from the greatness.

also, have you watched the walking dead? im a fan. i watched every episode of the first season, and i was dying for the 2nd season to come out. tonight was the season premiere! oh, i cant handle the intensity. that show is so good! i look forward to sunday nights just so i can watch this show. if you want a show that will leave you on the edge of your seat, this is the one for you.

oh, and guess what? extensions got old a long time ago.


i love fall

i don't know what it is, but fall just does something to me. i get this aching to have campfires and go four wheeling. once fall rolls around, the only thing on my mind is the mountains. the mountains are so perfect during fall. its the perfect temperature for a jacket, and a fire! the mountains are so relaxing. there is nothing id rather be doing during fall than having a fire with my friends or going four wheeling with a cute boy. so that's exactly what i did last night. well, minus the four wheeling. me and my friends got together and had a fire way up in the mountains. we drove up the canyon with the windows down, blasting music. we stopped for pictures a long the way because the scenery was gorgeous. we finally got to our camp spot and we sat around the fire for about five hours! it was heaven to me. we had cans of chili that we threw in the fire for dinner! we ate it straight out of the can. it was the best. we listened to music around the fire and took some time to explore the forest. we completed the night with s'mores and packed it up. we drove down the canyon slowly and blasted the country music. it was a perfect night.

our chili mess

s'mores with reeses peanut butter cups.