25 things

1. spiders or snakes do not scare me.
2. i love sour gummy worms and peach-os
3. i chew on anything plastic, well just anything for that matter.
4. i collect rings & fortunes from cookies
5. ive never died my hair or gone tanning in a tanning bed. i'd rather not pay for my cancer.
6. my nick name when i was little was bossy baby. im still bossy.
7. i find public swimming pools truly disgusting.
8. i refuse to eat cold pizza
9. ive never failed a class nor gone to detention, etc.
10. im always cold.
11. i don't text very much, maybe 20 or so texts a day.
12. im super opinionated and don't hold back
13. i love the beach. i own my own surf, skim and boogie board.
14. i love having campfires and roasting marshmellows.
15. i want to own a 2008 dodge cummins...
16. boots> any other shoe
17. my favorite smell is diesel fuel & black ice air fresheners
18. i was once a cheerleader
19. running is my passion
20. i could live off mashed potatoes, steak & wendy's dollar menu
21. im very sarcastic. all the time.
22. i think with my heart not my mind
23. i love the show jersey shore. gym, tan, laundry.
24. i fell on the treadmill once, funny story actually.
25. ive kissed seven boys. oh shoot, now you want to know.

this is a beautiful thing.


missijay said...

kayy, i found it a little funny how much you hate public pools but yet you were a lifeguard? :) But i have to agree with you on how disgusting they are!

melia said...

oh trust me, i hate swimming in them! and after being a lifeguard, i saw so much more gross stuff. i hate them even more now!

Kelsey said...

i vote a post should be dedicated to each kiss. because, i know i want to hear about it. not the kissing.. just how it happened.


Batash said...

I agree with Kelsey. Give us some juice!