5th fire this month.

i can never ever get enough of the canyon, as you all should know by now. i wish i could spend my entire life in the mountains. its the best place in the world. i realized that this is the 5th fire ive had in the month of october. fall is the best time to be around a camp fire!  
tonight me and my friend skylar went up the canyon to have a fire. we talked all night about sasquatch and made jokes around the huge fire that skylar built! he brought a blow torch with him to light the fire, it was pretty funny. ive never seen a fire started with a blow torch, but hey, there is a first time for everything. we were up there for a few hours and i was creeped out because he talked about paranormal activity 3 while we were up there! that movie is seriously freaky. anyway, beside the fact that i was scared, i had a really good time.
after we went to skylars house and played with his kittens. OH MY GOSH! cutest things ever. i was so close to taking one home. i might go back later and get one. there were so many of them! kittens have got to be the most adorable things in the world. i almost died from all the cuteness.

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KCS.. said...

oh my cute whoss kittys.. (: