christmas fever

im definitely in the mood for some christmas music. im already counting down for christmas. 55 days bloggers, get ready. i go to california for christmas quite a lot, and let me tell you, i wouldnt trade it for the entire world. i spend christmas eve on the beach watching the sunset. OH im so excited to head down to california for two weeks and spend time with my family. even though there is no snow in california, i could honestly care less. nothing beats christmas eve on the beach, im sorry. anyway, ive already started to listen to christmas music. i don't know why. usually im never excited for christmas, but the christmas bug has hit me this year and im so pumped. im excited for the snow, and seeing all the lights. the hot chocolate and doughnut runs with angie and sledding. don't even get me started on the country christmas albums. oh its going to be good. michael buble just put out a new christmas CD, and its amazing. listen to it sometime.

his voice is unbelievable.

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Lexi said...

ahhhhh. i just died. i love the buble. and his christmas cd? oh my heck. amazzzing