cya respiratory therapy!

im going to cry. maybe. today was my last day in the respiratory department at the hospital. (tears) next week i start going to the med/surg floor at the hospital which is really nothing that special. ive been in there before and it reminds me of a long term care facility. im going to miss all my respiratory therapists and EKG tecs. galen and tami and kathy and joe and alex and ryan and cliff and sharon and oh im going to cry. the thing i loved about the respiratory department is that i got to go to ALL floors and departments in the hospital. i got to see absolutely everything from a deliveries to emergencys! it was so much fun. but when im in med/surg i'll have to stay on the same floor the whole time. oh im going to miss it so much! i had so much fun there and so many good memories. i learned so much and grew a ton in the medical field! i'll never forget that c-section or the code blue. i'll never forget the time that the little boy stopped breathing in the emergency room! i actually want to go to school to become a respiratory therapist now. i cant thank the therapists enough. they have taught me so much. im especially going to miss galen. he is my favorite person in the entire hospital. he taught me so much on a one to one basis. i look up to him more than he will ever know! i'll always remember him. im also going to miss those cute little babies in the nursery! please, do an internship if you get the chance. it will change your perspective on everything!

i love those little babies! im going to miss this so much!
and i'll miss going into the pediatric floor. shoot, i don't want to go to med/surg!


Lexi said...

what kind of dr. do you wanna be in the future? i really wanna be a labor and delievery (spellcheck?!) nurse. im totally gonna do an internship next year at the hospital. this post makes me reeaalllly excited :)

melia said...

im going to be a respiratory therapist or maybe a pediatric nurse. and thats totally awesome but be careful because when you do an internship at the hospital, you actually cant go into labor and delivery rooms. they dont let students intern in that department due to privacy laws. but you should most definitely intern at the hospital. jan hawke will hook you up. if you have any questions you can ask me!