fist pumping music

what a night.
me and some friends were looking for a haunted house to go to, so we went and tried out the haunted circus. it wasnt scary at all, but it sure was fun! they had some cool special effects and its was just good to hang out with some friends.

the night was still young after the circus, so we went back to home base to get sage's truck. we piled five of us in that little tiny thing and headed up AF canyon. we had the music cranked up and the subs rocking. we took off up the dirt roads and drove up to silver lake. it was so snowy and foggy. probably a dumb idea on our part, but hey it makes for memories, right? we had a blast. we got to silver lake, and turned right around. we got as much mud on that truck as we could. i hit my head on the ceiling of the truck a few times! the bumps were huge, but so much fun. i was trying not to pee my pants from laughing so hard. we got outta the canyon, on an empty tank of gas and headed to home base (again). we got back in the nice car and went for a cruise down state street. i don't know what happened, but somehow, us three girls ended up outside of the car and we were running down state street at 11:30. it was the funniest thing i had ever seen, i cant even imagine what people were thinking seeing three girls running down state late at night. well, we ended up jumping back in the car while it was moving. probably the best thing of my life. then we went to walmart, and ended up getting in trouble for messing around. one of the best nights ive had in a while.

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