i love fall

i don't know what it is, but fall just does something to me. i get this aching to have campfires and go four wheeling. once fall rolls around, the only thing on my mind is the mountains. the mountains are so perfect during fall. its the perfect temperature for a jacket, and a fire! the mountains are so relaxing. there is nothing id rather be doing during fall than having a fire with my friends or going four wheeling with a cute boy. so that's exactly what i did last night. well, minus the four wheeling. me and my friends got together and had a fire way up in the mountains. we drove up the canyon with the windows down, blasting music. we stopped for pictures a long the way because the scenery was gorgeous. we finally got to our camp spot and we sat around the fire for about five hours! it was heaven to me. we had cans of chili that we threw in the fire for dinner! we ate it straight out of the can. it was the best. we listened to music around the fire and took some time to explore the forest. we completed the night with s'mores and packed it up. we drove down the canyon slowly and blasted the country music. it was a perfect night.

our chili mess

s'mores with reeses peanut butter cups.

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