oh how i wish all of you could join me during my internship. being an intern at the hospital has turned out to be one of the greatest opportunities of my life. i love working in the respiratory care department. i get to go ALL over the hospital. ER, peds, nursery, OR, NICU, ICU, med surge, radiology, lab,...... the list goes on. ive seen all walks of life and i absolutely love it. ive seen everything from a new life being brought into this world, to a person getting ready to leave this world. it really is amazing. i meet new people every day and im always amazed by the human race. people come in the hospital so hurt and sick, yet they still put a happy face on and they are just the sweetest people. of course, we always get a rude patient, but for the most part, they are the sweetest people ever. people that are in the hospital are an inspiration to me. today we were doing a stress test on someone, and the patient was sitting there cracking jokes the entire time, we were all laughing hysterically. i freaking love the medical field, and i cant wait until i can start working in a hospital for myself. every single day i learn or see something new. that's what makes health care so interesting. you never know what your going to get! seriously, make time for an internship. they are the best.

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those 2 lovers said...

i LOVE working for intermountain. it's inspired me to become a radiologist, they really are the best people ever!