life changing information.

ive got a big secret. and im going to tell it to all of you.
i know the secret to happiness. really, i do.
and because im such a nice lady, i'll share it with you.

take long drives with no destination

what? you've never done that? well, lets go. ive never done something so relaxing in my entire life. go buy yourself a drink, get in the car and roll your windows down. go right as the sun is starting to go down. let the wind blow through your hair and just think. don't go on busy roads. take a back road, take a road to no where. heck, drive up the canyon. put on your favorite tunes. for me, i turn on my favorite country songs. im telling you people, its the most blissful thing in the world. take a friend with you if you'd like. take a drive in the rain! the best place to drive is out west, to the desert. driving right towards the setting sun, its beautiful. how could you not be happy literally driving into the sunset? just do it guys. taking long drives with no destination is absolutely blissful.
plain and simple.

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