life is good.

"Her eyes don’t light up when she hears your name anymore. She doesn’t get chills when you walk by her and her heart doesn’t race when you smile at her. You don’t get to her like you used to. You’re just a bad memory in the back of her mind. So don’t be surprised next time you make your way past her and she doesn’t even glance your way. And don’t bother talking to her, because you won’t get a response. She’s over fighting the same battle. The saddest part is that you have no one to blame but yourself. She gave you every chance you could’ve asked for. And you screwed up every single time. Now she walks around with nothing but a smile on her face, and she laughs louder than ever before. Looks like she is better off without you."

oh, i freaking love my life right now. you have no idea.
i have this crazy bone in my body right now, i don't know where it came from.
but im itching to go do something really fun and adventurous. any takers?

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