the lucky seven

write 7 random things about yourself, then have everyone else follow the trend.
the lovely mardi tagged me, so i guess i'll do it because she's pretty awesome.

1. i love history. i may not show it, but i love studying the subject. if i wasn't going into the medical field, id be a history teacher.

2. the smell of corn tortillas and peas make me gag and want to throw up.

3. saving private ryan is my favorite war movie. i get the chills every time i watch it.

4. i laugh at everything and never stop making jokes. if you make me laugh, i'll love you.
but really, don't take me seriously.

5. ive had season passes to disneyland for 4 years

6. i will name my first born daughter paisley. NO, not after the country singer.

7. no one will quite understand how deep my love is for the country, outdoors and cowboys.

now, i choose seven people to pass this to.


Lexi. said...

what kind of DR. do you wanna be?

melia said...

im actually going to be a registered nurse, but im leaning towards becoming a respiratory therapist.