people these days.

ive kind of had it with peoples crap. i was at a really good place in my life for a while, until i realized there are a lot of people i call friends that are making me unhappy. im kind of bitter with people right now. ive got one true friend, and that's angela. shes been there for be without a doubt for the last six years. i honestly don't really need any one else's opinion but hers.
if you want to talk crap behind my back, knock yourself out. we wont be friends anymore.
go ahead and twist my words, you can kiss our friendship goodbye.
why dont you blow me off one more time, i swear you wont hear from me again. 
i will not stand for crappy friends anymore. when i say im friends with someone, i truly mean it. friendship to me is not just for the moment. when im friends with someone, i mean for the long run. i count on my friends, and if you cant be there for me, well than kiss it goodbye. im so sick of setting expectations for my "friends" because none of them ever reach that expectation. the value of friendship these days is so worthless. everyone takes it so lightly. im sick of people.


Kelsey said...

i know exactly what you mean.
sometimes, friends suck.

Batash said...

totally agree...