pet peeve #4328873

 people that call these cowgirl  boots:

i will laugh. i promise.
first of all, if they zip up the side. they arnt real.
second of all, if they slouch like that, they arnt real.
third of all, if its fake leather, they arnt real.

i cant stand it.

yes, i realize that wearing boots doesn't make a person country or not. but please, if your gunna call them cowgirl boots, make sure they are real. and im not saying just because someone wears those boots, makes them any less country than me. but if your going to wear boots, use the correct term. there is a difference between cowgirl boots and boots.

gosh i have a lot of pet peeves. ask angie.

sorry im on one today. people are really irritating me! thats for another post.

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