i obviously party too hard. i can hardly move anymore.
torn rotator cuff, torn calf muscle & lower back problems.
i need to stop with this out of control partying.

just kidding, i don't know how any of this happened. i guess im just old.
last night, i went to heehaws with a bunch of people. i had a blast and a half. first of all, i got in for free, which is great, and we had the whole place to ourselves! we started out with the haunted house part first. i don't do well with any haunted houses, so even though it was just heehaws, i was still scared. i honestly did fine through the whole thing until the chainsaws came. i cant stand chainsaws. they are by far my worst fear. im not kidding you one bit. i held on to sage as tight as i freaking could once i heard the chainsaw, it was quite pathetic. oh, and some freaking idiot in the haunted house put a REAL rat on me. i about dropped kicked him in the face. then we meandered our way on over to the petting zoo. oh those baby animals are the cutest! after that, we went to the haunted hay ride. HOLY POOP! there were so many chainsaws i thought i was going to go into cardiac arrest. one of them popped out of the middle of no where and i basically just fell over dead in the hay, i was so scared.

after that, we went to the corn maze. we were the only people in there and we ended up getting lost pretty good. we didn't find our way out until about 12:30 last night.

it was fun.

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laur. said...

Best night ever(: so much fun haha