today is a day to add to the books! one of the best days ive had in a long time. it was a perfectly sunny and warm day with not a single cloud in sight! me, sage and angie went up the canyon, yet again, because i cant get enough of that place. we rode four wheelers ALL day and had a campfire at night. honestly, it was one of the best days ever. hands down my favorite place to be is in the mountains. the fall leaves were so pretty today and the weather was perfect! oh my, i had a smile plastered to my face the whole entire day. such a freaking perfect day. i don't think i can get over it.


Lexi said...

this post makes me happy. i love it :).
p.s where are your seats for the jason aldean concert?
just wondering.

melia said...

12th row, 2nd section from the stage.

Lexi said...

floor seats perhaps?