the seven.

as mentioned in my previous post, i have kissed seven boys. i like kissing and i like boys so i guess i'll share the stories with you. if there are any younger girls reading this blog, don't follow my example. i usually let the hormones get the best of me. its a problem. anyway, none of these kisses are really romantic or cute. this might be awkward or funny, which ever way you take it. here we go!

ive talked about this boy before. he was my first kiss. we dated for ten months, blah blah blah. he first tried to kiss me on the cheek, and missed. he landed the kiss on my ear. how you miss a cheek? i do not know. one day we were just awkwardly laying on the couch. our lips just kinda touched. it was really stupid. i was so stupid. moving on. FAR ON.

we met through mutual friends. we went on a blind date, and he thought my friend was his date. super embarrassing when it turned out i was his date instead of the hot blond. we hung out a lot. and to be completely honest, i cant even remember when or where our first kiss was. apparently it wasn't that great. now hes a meth addict and in jail. i choose the real charmers eh?

i was quite the rebel child. me and christian kissed on the side of my house by the fence one night. to be honest, i wouldn't recognize him if i ever saw him. i don't know his last name or where he lives. we kissed over 5 years ago, and i don't remember his face. probably the worst kissing story ever. i cant get over it.

i was eating dinner when someone knocked at the door. i saw shannon standing there with 3 boys i didn't recognize. shannon said "meet our neighbors. they just moved in" turned out 4 boys had just moved in straight from california. i fell in love with the hottest one of all, brent. he was 18. no big deal, i always go for the older guys. i was a rebel. one time, we were watching a movie and me and brent were cuddling. i couldn't tell you what movie it was, because i was so concerned with holding his hand. brent looked at me, and i looked at him and we kissed. end of story. we never dated. and now brent is engaged and living with his girlfriend. hoorah.

oh my gag. johnny had this fat crush on me, and i never liked him back. one time we were all hanging out and i was sitting next to johnny in the back of his car. he was smothering me, and i was getting really grossed out. i kid you not, johnny grabbed my dang face and kissed me. i pulled away super quick, because i was not into him at all. to this day he wont talk to me. i don't mind.

mine and josh's kiss might be the cutest out of all. i don't know though, these kisses are all pretty pathetic. me and josh hit it off instantly, and after the second we met, we were never apart again. we were going on a drive one night, listening to music. we went and parked the truck so we could just spend some time together. i was in the middle of saying something, and when i was done talking, josh didn't reply. so i looked up, and he was just staring at me. i stared at him too. then he leaned in, and i started to lean in too and we kissed! me and josh broke up a year and a half ago and were still best friends. we don't have any hard feelings towards each other and we talk all the time. since day one ive called him big country, and he calls me LC, for little country. we get each other, and we've got each other's backs.

maybe you haven't heard, but i still have the fattest crush on this boy! he was my summer fling and he still makes me so happy (: the very first night we met, i sat on his lap and he played with my hair. we even held hands. it took us about one week until the topic of kissing came up. one night, while he was walking me to my door, he grabbed my hand. we got to my front door and kind of looked at each other and he had that adorable half smile on his face. i said "i think i want to kiss you now" and so we kissed. it was super cute. and ive still never gotten over those butterflies he gave me! i miss that kid.

so i guess i lied. kisses 1-5 were pretty awkward. six and seven were cute. so there ya go, i spilled all my kissing stories. i'll be sure to tell you if any more come up.

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