toby the ghost

anyone remember this boy?
well, the last time i ever hung out with him was homecoming of last year. so that was over a year ago.
tonight he asked me on a date! i was thrilled!
we went and saw paranormal activity 3.
i was kind of nervous because i hadn't seen him in over a year and i was afraid things were going to be awkward. but things weren't awkward at all! we got along just fine and there was never that awkward silence. we just chatted the whole time!

well the movie, on the other hand, was terrifying. i do not do well with ghosts. they are far too real to me. so scary! except for mitch was jumping higher than i was and im pretty sure watching him jump was better than the entire movie.
oh, and there was this couple sitting a few seats away from us that were totally plastered drunk. they were pretty stupid and brought their alcohol with them into the theater. i really have no idea what they were thinking but it was actually pretty hilarious, i wont lie.
anyway, that movie was super freaky but i  loved it!
over-all a good night. yay for fixing old friendships.

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