we wont need any wood

me and my friends are so dumb sometimes. we wanted to have a fire, so that's just what we did! well, we attempted. sage told us that we didn't need any wood, because we could just find some up the canyon while we were there. HORRIBLE IDEA! we got up there, and it was pouring rain. first of all, there was no wood anywhere. second, all the twigs that we did find, were wet. it was just a wreck. we tried to make the most pitiful fire ive ever seen, it lasted a good five minutes. we wandered around in the rain and tried to climb the mountain. we were up there for a total of about twenty minutes and went back home. we ended up having a fire in his back yard instead. but hey, it still made for some good memories. oh, and we had a brilliant idea. buy s'mores poptarts instead of graham crackers and chocolate. just roast the marshmallows and put it on the poptart! one of the best ideas we've ever had, if i do say so myself.

our PATHETIC fire. and my lonely mallow.

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