when things were simple

my grandpa lives on a farm in the little town of hurricane. being a kid on a farm makes for some pretty great childhood memories. my memories on the farm will always be some of my favorites. we didn't have any worries back then except for red ants, barbed wire and cow poop. i have so many good memories, but my favorite one will always be of the tire swing. me and my cousins would walk down the long dirt road until it ended. we had to climb the big metal fence, walk past the junk yard, and then we had to trek through the field, avoiding the cow pies. back in the thick trees, there was a little pond. all the cows would hang around the pond to drink water. someone had tied up a rope swing and a tire swing in the big trees. when you got on the swings, they would swing directly out over the pond. it was such a thrill for us kids. we would get on the swings, and try to dodge the cows that were drinking from the pond. we held on for dear life, fearing that we might fall in the pond if we didn't hold on tight enough. we spent hours and hours down at our little pond. it was heaven for us kids. i'll never forget it. i loved it down at my pond. just us and the cows. we would hike down to the stream, and dam it with whatever we could find. we picked cat tails and had ourselves the best time. then we grew up and stopped going down to our pond. i went to hurricane a few weeks ago, and i walked down that dirt road to my old pond. i climbed that big metal fence, and i walked past the junk yard that is no longer there. i walked past all the houses, and i still avoided the cow pies. i came to the big trees. there is no longer a tire swing or rope swing there anymore, but my memories are still there. the cows aren't there, and i could hear cars from the highway where i stood. yeah, things have changed, but my memories will always be there. i love that pond. it meant so much to me, and it always will. it was a time in my life when i didn't have to worry about anything and i was young. i'll always cherish the simpler times.

my pond.

grandpa's fields

me and my brother hauling hay with grandpa when we were little.

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Lexi. said...

your granpa's farm looks like perfection to me.