you'll never hear the end of this.

happy 20th birthday to my big brother palmer. he was named after my mom's maiden name. cool huh. anyway, hes out there in bolivia teaching lots of people good stuff. i hope he is having a wonderful day even though he is miles and miles from home. i cant wait to see him in a year and two months.

its five in the afternoon and i just barely got ready for the day. my bum is sore from riding four wheelers yesterday. i should be studying for the ACT, but this sounded more fun. josh texted me this afternoon, we always have good chats. tonight i am carving pumpkins with angie. im trying to remember every single detail from this day. you know why? because tomorrow my life is going to change forever.

haha, im totally kidding that was cheesy. but TOMORROW, as you all know, is the jason aldean concert. to say that i am excited would be the understatement of the century. words can not describe what i am feeling right now. me and my momma went on a drive through the canyon today, and a jason aldean song came on. i screamed, literally. ask my mom, it truly did happen. ive been counting down for this concert since day 64. and ive been planning on this concert for over a year now. not only is jason aldean coming, so is chris young. both of my favorites. i honestly cant contain my excitement any longer. i have no idea how im going to make it through the ACT tomorow. i probably will cry when he comes on stage, not joking one bit. ive been to plenty of concerts, but this one is going to blow them all out of the water. i dont think i am mentally prepared for what is about to come. my momma is the sweetest. want to know why? this morning she woke me up and suprised me with all this new jewlery. she said "i thought this would go well with your boots and outfit for the concert tomorrow." shes pretty sweet. i dont think ill be getting much sleep tonight because im so STOKED!

oh, and p.s. im sorry this concert is all that ive been talking about lately. im just the only thing on my mind. i'll shut up about it soon.

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Lexi said...

this may sound a wee bit creepy. but i adore your obsession. i think it is sooooo stinkin cute. im not a huge jason aldean fan but im so stoked to hear about the concert.

you must tell us everything. like seriously!